May 30, 2022

We are saddened to report that Salsa Fridays at Greer Cabaret will not be reopening.
On May 23, 2022, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust announced an extensive remodel and expansion of the Greer Cabaret Theater and Backstage Bar in Downtown’s Cultural District. “The theater will transform from the black box you see now into an intimate cabaret on par with New York venues like Joe’s Pub and 54 Below,” said Nick Gigante, senior vice-president of development and real estate for the Cultural Trust. The project is expected to take approximately one year. The full article from TribLive describing the remodel project can be found here: Pittsburgh Cultural Trust announces plans for expansion and update to Greer Cabaret Theater.

Unfortunately, with the new theater transformation, partner dancing will not be possible.

We would like to thank The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust for inviting us to host a salsa night that lasted for 11 years and four months. Thank you Susan Sternberger, Graham Fandrei, and Gene Ciavarra for working with us all these years to help make Salsa Fridays at Greer Theater one of the most classy places to dance salsa in Pittsburgh! We would especially like to thank Susan for allowing us the creative freedom to program special events, including guest DJ’s, performance nights, live music nights, theme nights, etc.

Being the record keeper/statistician that I am, I kept a spreadsheet of every night we did at Greer Cabaret. Our first salsa dance was on November 1, 2009, and our last one was March 6, 2020, prior to the March 13, 2020 closure due to Covid 19. During that time-frame we hosted 530 nights, including 39 guest DJ nights, 15 band nights, and 13 Salsa Pittsburgh Dance Weekends with Pro dancers.

It is quite emotional for Colleen and I to realize that this is the end of an era that we most likely will not repeat in our lifetime…as we look over the thousands of pictures from those 530 nights, we will be forever grateful for the joy that this experience has brought to our lives.

Thank you to all the dancers, performers, DJs, and Latin music lovers that ever shared an evening with us at the Cabaret!

And a special Thank you to my two friends and Salsa Friday’s house DJ’s, Carlton Leeper and Paul Mitchell. Those two guys were with us all the way and need to be recognized for their contributions to the night! We could not have had the success we had without Carlton and Paul helping us all those years. All three of us (House DJ’s) had our own Dee Jaying styles, and that is one of the aspects that kept things fresh!Thank You Carlton and Paul for being by our side for 11+ Years!

Jeff & Colleen Shirey – May 30, 2022

Three Amigos – Carlton, Jeff, and Paul

1st Yr Anniversary
Nov. 6, 2009

5th Yr Anniversary
Nov. 8, 2013

11th Yr Anniversary
Nov. 8, 2019

Super Salsa Weekend
Uriel Garcia/Vera Rowe
March 2015

Greer Cabaret Theater

Jose Fajardo, Jr. Y Su Orquesta
MC- Izzy Sanabria, “Mr. Salsa”
March 2015